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1. Subject matter

1.1 The general terms and conditions of sale published herein regulate the contract of sale (hereinafter, for brevity, the "Contract") to users of the Site (hereinafter, for brevity, the "Purchasers" or the "Purchaser"), through telematic methods, of the goods (hereinafter, for brevity, the "Goods" or the "Goods") displayed on the Website www. (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, the "Site"), managed by VUESSE sas di vittorio salvatore & c - with head office in via dei sarti 36 volterra pisa (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, "vuesse ").

1.2 The General Conditions of Sale published on the Site must be viewed and known by the Purchaser before making the purchase of a Good and by sending the purchase order the Purchaser declares to have viewed and accepted them.

1.3 Purchasers shall also benefit from the protections provided for in the event of the conclusion of distance contracts pursuant to Title III, Section II, of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 ("Consumer Code"), as well as from all further protections provided for, in favour of Purchasers, by the same Consumer Code 

1.4 The Sections "Shipping and Delivery", "Return and Exchange", "Payment" present on the Site shall be deemed an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions of Sale.


2. Conclusion of the Contract


2.1 In order to proceed with the purchase of the Goods, the Purchaser must send his purchase order and make the payment, following the procedures indicated in the relevant sections.

2.2 In particular, the steps to proceed with the purchase are as follows:

a) the Purchaser may freely access the Site and view the essential characteristics of the Goods displayed, including the price, as well as the images published for the purpose of illustrating the Goods themselves;

b) the Buyer may select one or more Goods which he intends to purchase by placing them in a virtual "shopping cart". The contents of the shopping cart may always be viewed by the Buyer before proceeding to forward the order; moreover, by accessing the shopping cart the Buyer may know, prior to purchase and payment, all information relating to the purchase of the Goods, including shipping costs and expected delivery times

c) in order to make the purchase, the Purchaser shall register with the Site, communicating his email address and a password of his choice, which will allow him access to the Site

d) as an alternative to registering with the Site, the Purchaser may make the purchase as a guest. In this case, the data required in order to complete the order will be stored in vuesse's database only for the period of time necessary to process the order and the Purchaser will be asked to enter the same data with each new order;

e) in order to complete the order, the Buyer, in the "shopping cart" section, will also have to enter the shipping address and the data required for payment; 

f) the Purchaser may modify the chosen Goods and the data entered until the final submission of the order, which must be done by selecting the "Payment" button.

2.3 The Purchaser may make payment by credit card or bank transfer. More detailed information on payment methods is available in the "Payment" section of the Site.

2.4 Upon receipt of the purchase order, vuesse will send the Purchaser an order confirmation receipt to the Purchaser's e-mail address containing a summary of the information relating to the purchase and will proceed to process the order. The order shall, in any case, be deemed accepted and, consequently, the Contract shall be deemed concluded when the Purchaser receives the order confirmation on his e-mail account.

2.5 The Contract shall be archived in pdf format and shall be sent via the aforementioned e-mail account to vuesse . 


3. Rights and obligations of the Parties 


3.1 vuesse will deliver the Goods to the address communicated by the Purchaser in the purchase order, through a specially appointed carrier. More detailed information on the times, costs and places of delivery are available in the "Shipping and Delivery" section of the Site.

3.2 vuesse shall not be liable for any errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in the compilation of the purchase order by the Purchaser or for any damage that may occur to the Goods after delivery to the carrier as well as for any delays in delivery due to the carrier itself or to weather conditions, international customs issues or other circumstances beyond vuesse's control.

3.3 In the event that one or more Ben

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