In the heart of the most beautiful and beloved lands in the world:


from the meeting of V&B in 2009 was born the brand VUSTYLE - VSTL

DNA Streetwer

linked to a strong awareness of an ancient craft that takes its origins in history and in the skilled hands of its interpreters


Curated, original, tailored garments , from the t-shirt , the first love, to the coat is a handcrafted production


A small workshop in the center of Tuscany, observes and takes inspiration from everyday life


Vittorio Salvatore / VSTL / @vustyle is clothing that is born from continuous research, attention to detail, attention to fabric as well as colors that are always natural and surprising combined with a strong tailoring tradition.

The everyday

of the creative workshop is marked by drawing, cutting, sewing and printing, old crafts that are extremely contemporary


means high standards of achievement that live on in urban and sensual geometries, in casual and elegant creations regardless of gender

SINCE 2009

Special selection

@vustyle italian streetwear handamde in tuscany

come visit us in our showroom / outlet in pontedera

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